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Prostoria - a furniture design company with manufacturing culture Prostoria is an expression of our passion for creating furniture that is unique, and which fills a room with a palpable sense of well-being. Openness to new challenges, a gritty sense of determination and a searching spirit guided by new values merge into continuous process at Prostoria. It is a philosophy that has over the years become our trademark. Prostoria has, in the space of ten years, grown from being a small manufacturer of upholstered furniture into a formidable industrial operation based on a philosophy of research-based design. Design encouraged us to research manufacturing technologies more deeply, and to explore the numerous possibilities offered by our chosen materials. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our decision to manufacture all types of furniture in-house, thereby ensuring adherence to high standards. Materials & Sustainability – Written in our Core Natural materials inspire particularly strong feelings, perfectly designed to withstand life’s changing challenges and apt to become more beautiful as they age. When we take something from nature, we feel obliged to give something in return. At Prostoria, we give back by creating responsible furniture whose functionality, durability and comfort result in timeless aesthetics. Our factory operates as a research lab where sustainability is embedded in the design process, and where we use top-quality materials from prototype development right through to full scale production.


Biljana Angelovski

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