CEU: Why Interior Designers Should Know Relevant Codes & Standards

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October 16, 2024 11:30 am

Meet on 6 | 6th Floor

Join Tracey Fillmore and Virgina Weida in a discussion of codes. While industry codes and standards may be daunting, familiarity with relevant codes and standards is necessary for all designers who work within the constructed spaceWhether you work in residential, commercial, hospitality, educational, or healthcare spaces, it is vital to have a working understanding of codes and standards that must be adhered to and implemented in your workBuild your code confidence with Tracey Fillmore and Virgina Weida by reviewing some critical interior design codes and standards, learn how they are applied, and where to find relevant information. Our mission as interior designers is to protect the life, health, safety and welfare of building occupants – and compliance with codes and standards is one we can ensure that mission is met 

Tracey Fillmore, NCIDQ, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID (FL) currently serves as a Senior Facilities Designer for Lee Health, a large healthcare organization on the southwest coast of Florida. Prior to becoming an Interior Designer, Tracey was a Fire Safety Inspector and owned her own construction/design firm.

Virginia Weida is founder, President, and CEO of Virginia Weida Designs, LCC, founded in 2006 and thriving ever since. With over 30 years of experience, she specializes in Corporate Facilities Consulting and Workplace Design for projects in the Pittsburgh region and nationwide.